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Open Source Storage Services

The amount of data your enterprise generates and stores is growing faster than ever. How can you leverage it for better insights to drive better business outcomes? Software-defined storage from SUSE enables you to be more responsive to tomorrow's business and data demands, while reducing IT expenses and complexity.

 Enhance data storage intelligence with SUSE

The data your business collects and generates is immensely valuable. But storing and analyzing a fast-growing amount of data can also generate overwhelming costs and complexity. Our solution transforms your enterprise storage infrastructure to better align with current and future needs while simultaneously reducing costs.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is an intelligent software-defined storage management solution, powered by Ceph Technology, that provides highly scalable and resilient service. You can automatically optimize, upgrade or add storage when needed, without disruption. And its use of off-the-shelf commodity servers and disk drives delivers cost savings that free resources for other IT priorities.


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