Open Source Storage

Enhance data storage intelligence with SUSE

The data your business collects and generates is immensely valuable. But storing and analyzing a fast-growing amount of data can also generate overwhelming costs and complexity. Our solution transforms your enterprise storage infrastructure to better align with current and future needs while simultaneously reducing costs.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is an intelligent software-defined storage management solution, powered by Ceph Technology, that provides highly scalable and resilient service. You can automatically optimize, upgrade or add storage when needed, without disruption. And its use of off-the-shelf commodity servers and disk drives delivers cost savings that free resources for other IT priorities.

Data storage that adapts to your changing needs

BLS will consult with your organization to take advantage of the Open Source options to reduce cost, star paying by the NODE as oppose to Terabyte.

Reduce IT expenses

With the growing amount of enterprise data, your requirement for storage capacity may soon be greater than your budget to handle it all.

SUSE helps you keep expenses down without sacrificing performance by using off-the-shelf commodity servers and disk drives no matter whether they are in your data center or in the cloud, saving up to 70% in costs right away. Our solutions also keep operating costs low by delivering a single unified software-defined storage cluster that handles all your storage needs, reducing the time you dedicate to storage management.

Accelerate Innovation

Storage needs are changing quickly. Many enterprises are moving from terabyte to petabyte levels of data. In addition, the applications that need to access this information are running in a diverse and rapidly evolving IT environment.

SUSE helps you innovate with higher speed and simplicity by delivering access to the latest technology. Our solutions leverage a software-defined open source storage management solution, powered by Ceph Technology, that is cost-efficient and able to adapt to changing business and data demands seamlessly. As a result, you can be confident your data will be available for any current and future workloads.