Cloud & Application Development

Hybrid cloud is the best model for delivering the agility, speed, responsiveness and innovation to satisfy rapidly changing customer demands.

How can you use these strengths to maximize return on investment (ROI)?

SUSE offers enterprise-class container management solutions that enable IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications and services. As a result, enterprises that use SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform can reduce application delivery cycle times and improve business agility. It’s a flexible, no-lock-in solution that helps your organization maximize ROI.


We offer open source solutions and technologies to easily build, deploy and manage containerized or cloud native applications on hybrid cloud infrastructures


We enable you to run traditional workloads alongside modernized applications and cloud native solutions on your choice of cloud infrastructure


BLS assist customers with code and deploy on-demand to streamline workloads and respond faster to business opportunities