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Know About Us

Business Line Systems, Inc. is an MBE certified consulting firm located in Memphis, TN. Founded in 2009 was started to expose young people from disadvantage areas in Memphis to the possibilities in the technology sector. BLS initially focused on assisting customers with managing and securing unstructured data. BLS has years of experience supporting Windows, and Linux file systems. BLS assist customers cleaning up all of the unstructured data, such as spreadsheets, word documents, video files, etc. BLS understands security is a huge challenge for organizations, unstructured data is the fastest growing data within enterprises, the need to understand who is accessing this type of data is critical to ensuring effective data governance.

BLS also has a huge commitment to Open Source solutions, BLS is a Gold Partner for SUSE Linux. Open Source can offer customer the flexibility needed as customers transform their enterprise. Open Source can prevent vendor lock in, and reduce operational cost whether on premise or in the Cloud.

BLS offer our customers solutions for their multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-premise solutions.